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APL Industrial Ltd, London UK Vinyl Stickers and Vinyl Signs

Our company is a family run business and we specialise in the manufacture and production of all types of nameplates and vinyl stickers. We produce nameplates and labels from a wide variety of materials including aluminium, brass, stainless steel, pvc, polycarbonate and vinyl etc. Vinyl stickers and vinyl signs are produced at our factory located in London in the UK. Our process is geared to produce to our customers designs and we can die cut labels and vinyl stickers and vinyl signs to any shape and format that is required. At our London premises in the UK we produce vinyl stickers, vinyl signs and many other self-adhesive nameplates and labels in a wide variety of formats including roll form labels, sheet format labels. Our labels and nameplates can be produced on virtually any materials and we also offer a wide range of self-adhesives including 3M-468, 3M-467 and various Nitto adhesives. We also offer consecutive serial numbering for our aluminium labels and this service is also available on the roll form vinyl stickers. Our London location enables to send out goods to any location in the UK and we specialise and in a fast turnaround for our customers when needed but our nameplates and labels are still produced to our high quality standard. APL Industrial Limited, 14 Carlisle Road, London, UK. Vinyl Stickers and Vinyl Signs. Vinyl Stickers and Vinyl Signs London UK APL Industrial Ltd - About Us Screenprints - Vinyl, PVC, etc and Anodised Aluminium Etched and Engraved Signs - Vinyl Transfers Contact Us